2022-10-19 Søde instruktører, hvor jeg følte mig rigtig tryg. Flot dyk med massere af flotte fisk.
2022-10-07 Snel in 3 dagen leren duiken. De cursus sloot goed bij de online cursus aan.
2022-09-13 Good instruction, all kit provided, friendly staff. Welsh Try Diver.
2022-08-24 Very good. British Try Diver.
2022-07-06 Great concept but i heard from my parents that it seems to be a bit too crowded for the snorkeling.
2022-07-30 Really good instructions before diving. We were a bit scared before but after the introduction we felt that we were in good hands. In the water while diving we felt safe with the instructors.
2022-08-16 Awesome experience for beginners and adventurous people! Belgian Try Diver.
2022-08-18 För att de var bra dyk, smidigt, all utrustning fanns allt rullade på. Swedish Scuba Diver.
2022-09-15 Reliable school, nice atmosphere, nice diving spot, amazing Instructor. Student Advanced Diver.
2022-08-22 Good service. Brilliant attitude. Very friendly and qualified instructors. Latvian Advanced Diver.

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