2022-07-04 Super nice service and an amazing crew.
2022-09-08 Great briefing before diving, good instructors, friendly staff, nice place to dive/snorkel. Norwegian Try Diver.
2022-08-18 Great crew and instructors. We had a great day en so much fun! Dutch Try Diver.
2022-07-30 Super kompetente instruktører!
2022-08-18 Goed georganiseerd. Leuk en gemotiveerd personeel. :) Try Diver from the Nederlands.
2022-08-29 Good staff, beautiful place and perfect experience. French Try Diver.
2022-10-04 Good guide and very good for first timers.
2022-08-26 Virkelig god oplevelse med Waterhoppers! Super søde og professionelle. Danish Try Diver.
2022-08-29 Very organised operation. English Try Diver.
2022-08-18 Nice experience. A day with my wife and two sons. Netherlands Try Diver.

what are the benefits of becoming a scuba diving instructor. Next IDC from 4th to 11th of April 2023

27 Jan. 2023
what are the benefits of becoming a scuba diving instructor. Next IDC from 4th to 11th of April 2023

There are many benefits to being an active dive instructor. In addition to the satisfaction of opening your students' minds and hearts into new worlds, you'll be surrounded by lovely people who share your passion for the diving lifestyle.

Let’s talk money, but money is not everything. While you're unlikely to get rich in the terms of Dollars / Euros teaching scuba, you will be rewarded in many more ways, that money can’t buy.

You can make up for the money in other ways, you'll find that you will be eligible for discounted or free equipment as a PADI Instructor. Plus there is lots of free diving even if you are working.

A big plus to having a diving career it can provide an escape from northern winter and has the potential to lead you to exotic tropical destinations, while get paid to do it.

Life as a diving professional, PADI Instructor isn't for everyone, but for those who enjoy people, the oceans and the outdoors lifestyle, it's the perfect antidote for the stress of the 9 to 5.

Another fun part of being a diving instructor is that it doesn't necessarily require a full-time commitment. Many PADI Instructors have long-term successful part-time careers mixing 6monthd of diving with 6 months skiing for example, as the skills you learn on your PADI IDC are interchangeable.

There are also many non-teaching jobs in the diving industry. Career opportunities in recreational diving range from retail to manufacturing to resort operations. But the ticket to almost all scuba diving jobs is to get your dive instructor certification.

Your PADI Instructor rating is more than a qualification, it gives you increased job opportunities worldwide, however, don't expect employers to come looking for you.

Remember that job hunting is a job in itself. In the most desirable locations and dive schools, being a dive instructor certification is just the beginning. Think of it as membership to a club. It tells employers that you are qualified to teach having completed your PADI IDC, but nothing more. Typically, dive instructors entering today's workforce have extra strings to their bow. Many are qualified to teach specialised courses like underwater photography, wreck diving, nitrox, or oxygen management.

But don’t let this put you off, with The Waterhoppers IDC and Instructor program, you get this as part and parcel of being a member of the team. Also, in addition to the training, if you choose to join The Waterhoppers team after successfully completing your IDC, the chances are you will easily become an Elite Instructor within your first season.

Assuming you're still interested and think you have what it takes, what's the potential for the job? The Dive Industry estimates that there are approximately 2,000 to 2,500 dive shops in North America and 600 to 700 dive resorts in the Caribbean alone, not including Asia, Europe, south America and Australia.

The Pacific and Southeast Asia are growing by leaps and bounds, but to what extent is hard to quantify. Given the vast area, the Pacific certainly has far more options than the Caribbean. The average dive shop employs 2.5 full-time employees and about 4 part-time employees.

Resorts often employ twice as many people in their dive operations. As for the potential workforce, various diver training organizations certify nearly 8,000 instructors each year. Of that number, perhaps 2,000 or fewer are looking for a full-time job, it’s a great time to be a PADI Instructor.

So, you’ve deciding to go the professional route, what’s your first step? The first step is to acquire the required skills and knowledge and you do that by enrolling with The Waterhoppers IDC’s, contact Jill using Info@waterhoppers.com for more info.

You will also want to develop as many other skills as possible and not just dive related, don’t forget you have the power at your fingertips with social media and understanding the digital world.

The skills learned in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) are also very useful in the real world. Instructor candidates often tell PADI how being a PADI Instructor has improved their ability to communicate ideas, boosted their confidence in public, and taught them how to offer constructive criticism.

There's nothing like diving and traveling the world to refresh you and give you a new perspective on life. By immersing yourself in a new culture, meeting new people, and ticking a few key items off your bucket list. You’ll be doing sometimes you love, which some might say is more valuable than the income.

As a PADI Diving Instructor you will never feel like you are working a boring 9 to 5.

If this sounds like you, contact Jill using info@waterhopers.com for more info and our next IDC runs from the 4th to the 11th of April 2023.

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