Why Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor with The Waterhoppers Will Benefit You in the Real World

19 Dec. 2022
Why Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor with The Waterhoppers Will Benefit You in the Real World

There’s a lot more to becoming a PADI Instructor than being a great diver (but of course that helps). A good instructor also has the skills to be an engaging public speaker, someone who can anticipate the needs of students and dive center guests and someone who can break down complicated topics into easy-to-understand chunks.

These skills / topics are covered as part of your PADI Instructor Course(IDC), but there is nothing like getting real life experiences. Yes, you could become an instructor with any PADI 5Star IDC center anywhere in the world, and the fundamentals will be the same.

But by choosing The Waterhoppers to complete your instructor training (or even becoming a PADI Divemaster, if you are not one already) you get to work with a well-established dive school with over 30 years of experience. Where you will have the opportunity to work and teach real guests, under the guidance and experience of Elite Instructors.

You will find that it is very easy to obtain your own Elite ratings in your 1st season, in a relaxed and stress-free teaching environment.

The people skills you learn as being a member of The Waterhoppers Dive team are also incredibly helpful in the real world. Many Instructor candidates has said how PADI instructor training improved their ability to communicate ideas, increased their confidence in public speaking, and taught them how to give constructive criticism to others, by using the

“I really liked the way you – (drop in the subject / topic or water skill here). However, I noticed someone forgot to – (drop in the area for improvement). Remember, it’s important to (reinforce / add value of the subject / topic skill).”

While some people are natural instructors, many people begin their PADI Instructor course wondering, “how on earth am I going to teach someone how to breathe underwater?”

That’s where we The Waterhoppers along with our PADI Course Director comes in, we spend the time assess each candidate’s skill’s, knowledge and most importantly self-confidence through our pre-IDC training. In the pre-IDC you will get practice your skill development sessions, organise and present information using the PADI system, learn how to, conduct, and manage open water dive training and by the end of the pre-IDC experience, you will know all you need to know to successfully complete your IDC and IE (Instructors Examination).

Making the The Waterhoppers IDC, more than just “an IDC”! If you want to obtain the knowledge and the ability to be a confident PADI instructor, through the trusted experience of others, then sign up today.

In addition to improving your public speaking and in-water skills, the IDC is a great way to network with interesting people. Divers who go through our GoPro Divemaster or IDC, learn a lot about each other, grow together and form a special bond that last a lifetime.

So, why wouldn’t want to become a PADI Instructor with The Waterhoppers? Did you know that PADI Dive Instructors are the most sought-after scuba professionals in the world.

For more information check out our website www.waterhoppers.com or, Contact Jill at info@waterhoppers.com for a chat about our upcoming Divemaster GoPro opportunities or our IDC, pre-IDC course in April 2023.

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