2023-10-09 Gut organisiert, cooles Team, toller Tauchspot. Es war ein toller Tag! ­čśŐ Try diver AM, Open water diver PM.
2023-10-04 Wir hatten einen wirklich auftretenden Tag bei euch. Mit tollen Tauchg├Ąngen und einem super betreutem Schnuppertauchgang f├╝r meinen Gro├čen! Dankesch├Ân!!!
2023-10-13 Very well instructed and very friendly and accommodating :) Open Water Diver.
2023-10-25 Everything is good and lovely staff - Open Water Diver.
2023-10-05 If you always wanted to make your first dive and never did it, then this is the best way to do it. Maybe handover a short note (can be reused) with a summary of the 5 rules and basic info.
2023-10-04 I had an amazing experience and found a new favorite sport/hobby - freediving! Snorkeller.
2023-10-05 Le personnel ├ętait tr├Ęs gentil et souriant. Le moment fut tr├Ęs agr├ęable - Try Diver.
2023-10-04 All was perfect !! Snorkeller.
2023-10-16 Profesional and friendly staff
2023-10-13 Paul deed heel goed zijn best en gaf mij vertrouwen. Dankje Paul - Open Water Diver.

What PADI Specialities Are The Best

6 Sep. 2023
What PADI Specialities Are The Best

The "best" PADI specialties can vary depending on your preferences, interests, and diving goals. As a PADI Dice Centre as the Waterhoppers’ can offers a wide range of specialty courses to enhance divers' skills and knowledge and enjoyment.

Here are some popular PADI specialty courses that pervious guests / divers have found most enjoyable when learning:

  1. Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox): This specialty teaches divers how to dive with enriched air (a higher oxygen content) to extend your no-decompression limits and potentially reduce surface intervals.

  2. Deep Diver: This course provides you the training on planning and executing dives to greater depths, typically between 18 and 40 meters (60-130 feet), while managing the associated risks and safety considerations.

  3. Underwater Navigation: This specialty focuses on enhancing divers' your navigation skills underwater, including using a compass, natural navigation techniques, and different methods for orienting and finding your way around during dives.

  4. Wreck Diver: This course prepares you to safely explore and penetrate wreck sites, covering topics such as wreck mapping, potential hazards, and responsible wreck diving practices. Which can be completed on our wreck down south, she amazing! For more information here:

  5. Night Diver: This specialty teaches divers how to plan and conduct dives at night, emphasising the unique challenges and techniques for navigation, communication, and observing nocturnal marine life.

  6. Peak Performance Buoyancy: This course aims to improve your buoyancy control skills, helping them achieve better trim, conserve air, and reduce your impact on the underwater environment. This is proberly on of the best courses you could do, to make you a better diver and get more and more out of every dive.
  7. Underwater Photography: This specialty focuses on capturing high-quality underwater images, covering topics such as composition, lighting, equipment selection, and post-processing techniques.

  8. Underwater Naturalist: This course enhances your / divers' knowledge and appreciation of the underwater ecosystem, teaching about marine life, their behaviours, and the interactions with the environment.

Remember, the "best" specialties for you may depend on your personal interests, diving needs and future diving plans. We are always happy to have a chat via WhatsApp to determine which specialties align with your goals and aspirations.

or you could check the info on www.waterhoppers.com, here’s a link to our continuing education page.

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