2022-08-18 The instructors were really friendly, funny and good looking. The experience was amazing. Ukrainian Try Diver.
2022-10-25 Just like last year, I love the boat, the crew, and the dive site. I hope to be back again next year!
2022-09-27 I had a great time on the boat and in the water. It was a great vibe and everybody was so helpful.
2022-08-27 Very good fun.
2022-08-10 Very informative and kind employees. Has been a very nice day.
2022-09-29 Een herlijke dag gehad met super gezellig personeel, zou het iedereen aanraden!
2022-09-23 It was fun to experience, and the staff made me feel welcome.
2022-08-23 Alles genau (langsam und mehrfach) erklärt. Jeder wurde einzeln betreut. Für Kinder (bei uns 11 Jahre) sehr zu empfehlen.
2022-10-28 Freundlich, kompetent, sicher
2022-10-26 All the staff were super fun, friendly and reassuring. I was quite nervous and they made me feel incredibly safe in their hands! After the scuba dive I loved being able to snorkel about.

PADI Reactive, everything you need to know!

8 Mar. 2023
PADI Reactive, everything you need to know!

PADI Reactive Checklist Everything you need to know about your refresher before your get back in the water.

If you're planning your next scuba trip or local scuba adventure, but haven't been in the water for a while, you might want to consider the PADI ReActivate Scuba Refresher Program. Taking a refresher course is a great way to refresh your scuba theory knowledge and basic scuba skills to help you feel confident and confident on your next dive.

PADI Reactivate has two components: knowledge development, which can be taken online through PADI eLearning, and an optional (but highly recommended) underwater course to refresh your scuba diving skills.

This blog, we'll help you prepare for your Refresher Scuba Course with checklists covering before, during and after the PADI ReActivate program to help you get the most out of your PADI Refresher theory and scuba diving skills.

Pre-PADI ReActivate Scuba Diving Refresher Checklist

Before participating in the PADI ReActivate program, there are many things you can do to ensure you are fully prepared. Here's a scuba review checklist you need to complete before you start:

1. Sign up here and we will send you your PADI ReActivate eLearning. You can use this link and get started right away. PADI eLearning lets you learn at a pace that works for you, from the comfort of your own home. You'll find the online section to be highly interactive, with videos and scenarios to remind you and check your understanding.

2. Contact us and book your underwater lessons. This means you also set yourself a deadline for completing the e-learning component!

3. Check over your own scuba gear as you have not used it in a while. Carefully inspect all items for signs of wear. If you haven't had an item serviced in a while, you may want to have it inspected and repaired by a professional. But don’t worry if sounds like a lot of things to do, or you don’t have your own equipment, we can arrange that all for you. Also, keep an eye on your dive computer's battery levels - they don't last forever!

4. Find your logbook and certification card. As we will need to see it and you can log your PADI ReActivate underwater lessons in your logbook. Don’t worry if you can find either, we can do an online dive check with your personal details and provide you a log book, from your shop.

5. Once you are ready to start, complete your PADI ReActivate eLearning, answer the questions from your learning, then save or print your PADI ReActivate eLearning certificate. Then bring a copy with you on the day that you want to get back in the water.

Underwater Diving Refresher Checklist

If you're wondering what's included in the optional water section of the PADI ReActivate program, here's a checklist of what you'll cover under the guidance of a PADI Professional. Remember that the PADI ReActivate Scuba Diving Skills course is prescriptive, which means your PADI Pro review will be tailored to your specific needs. This is just an example of how the session works.

1. You will begin the course with a short interview with your PADI Pro, who will ask you the following questions:

How many dives have you done under what conditions and circumstances?

When and where was your last dive?

What skill do you want to practice?

How was your last dive?

What can help you improve?

2. Next, your PADI professional will watch you set up your scuba gear. It's easy to forget how things fit together—especially when you're using rental gear that might be from a different brand than what you're used to. Remember, as PADI Professionals we are here to help, so don't be afraid to ask questions if you're not sure.

3. Next is the pre-dive safety check (buddy check). Do you remember BWRAF (BCD, weight, release, air and finally okay)? Try saying something like "Rice and fish for breakfast" or "The big whale is really fast" to easily remember the correct order.

4. Ascents and Descents - You will be reminded of the five-point descent and five-point ascent procedure in deeper water. But again we / your PADI Professional will be with every step of the way.

5. Next comes mask cleaning and mask removal and replacement. No matter how tight the mask is, it will leak from time to time. All it takes is a stray hair under the silicone seal, or just a smile, to cause water to seep into your mask. So, you'll review the mask skills you mastered in the PADI Open Water Diver course.

6. Buoyancy control is critical to a diver's safety and comfort, so you'll review your buoyancy skills including neutral buoyancy, hovering, and underwater swimming while maintaining your buoyancy.

7. The last skill you will learn / refresh is the alternate air source. So you are fully prepared for an out of air situation, as rare as they are.

8. Based on the pre-dive chat and your PADI Professional's observations of you completing the skills, he or she may have you practice additional skills. If you feel you would benefit from it, don't hesitate to use this time to ask for more practice or review.

Post PADI Reactivation Checklist

Once you complete the PADI ReActivate program, including the knowledge review and scuba skills review, you will receive an updated certificate or recognition card showing the ReActivate completion date. It's time to use your newfound skills to go diving!

Get Started!

Feeling inspired? Don’t delay and sign up for your PADI ReActivate eLearning here and we look forward to diving with you on the wonderful Island of Rhodes this summer.

Blog inspired by https://blog.padi.com/scuba-diving-refresher-checklist/

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