2023-10-16 They were very kind and patient and they did not care about how much experience you already had, just that you had a good time, which I really appreciated. Beautiful tour aswell - Snorkeller.
2023-10-16 staff were super friendly and helpful had an amazing day! Try Diver.

Professional, calm and super cool


Great instructors and fun diving spot

2023-10-23 Was my first time, and it was awesome. Had a great experience, and the staff was amazing!! Try Diver.
2023-10-21 Very nice people, calm and relaxed. Good equipment. Open Water Diver.
2023-10-27 It was really nice
2023-10-16 It was er very Nice experience, The “guides” was so sweet and help full, good Music and a very good Vibe on the boat! Snorkeller.

Great experience, Nice people


Super expérience, 😍 staff très pro, avenant et bienveillant. 🙏 De belles photos et de beaux souvenirs. Un spot super 👌

Sam W.

01 Feb 2023

It was almost a decade ago when I completed my idc and I.e with waterhoppers diving school in Rhodes. The facility was a very new and very luxurious hotel and we used their conference and meeting rooms for theory and their shallow pool for our confined water work. The classes were efficient and to the point and we learned quickly how to adapt our current dm skills to a teaching level. Under our course directors guidance we flew through the theory and confined and had no troubles with the rescue scenario and open water skills we'd been given. We even had time to complete five specialities. Overall it was a course I would recommend to any dm who is ready to take the next step into teaching. Waterhoppers has a wealth of experience also so if you feel the need for extra guidance there are multiple highly experienced instructors hanging about and willing to help

Christian F.

01 Feb 2023

Ich habe letztes Jahr im April meinen Idc bei Waterhoppers gemacht. Der Coursedirector war Norbert Höger. Die Organisation, der Ablauf und die Betreuung durch Norbert und das Waterhoppers Team war einwandfrei. Selbst in Zeiten von Corona mit all seinen Beschränkungen lief alles reibungslos.

Matt C.

31 Jan 2023

In April 2022 I completed my IDC plus MSDT prep with Waterhoppers and it was an unforgettable experience. Firstly, leading up to the course both Waterhoppers and the course director (Norbert) were very helpful in making sure I knew everything I needed to prior to starting the course.

After I had arrived in Rhodes I stayed in a lovely apartment with some of the other people completing the IDC which was great as we were able to help each other throughout the course practicing presentations, learning the theory etc.

The facilities provided by waterhoppers throughout the course were incredible. We had access to a hotel for our classroom sessions and a few different locations for diving in confined and open water around the island meaning no matter the conditions in the sea there was always a place for us to practice in the water. The owners and staff of waterhoppers were also fantastic throughout making sure we had everything we needed for the IDC and IE.

The course director Norbert was excellent. He was very helpful and informative throughout as well as making the whole experience very entertaining  and enjoyable for all of us. 

And, after two fantastic weeks followed by 2 very nerve-racking days during the instructors exam, I am happy to say I passed making me a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and would ike to thank everyone involved for helping it was an incredible experience and I would strongly recommend to anyone considering becoming an instructor to book with Waterhoppers. It would be a decision you will never regret.

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