2022-07-28 Good guides and fun diving. Try Diver.
2022-08-30 My mother is afraid to dive/scuba dive, and a young lady took her with her and tried her best to give her a good time even though it didn’t succeed she did a good job trying. Danish Snorkeler.
2022-08-06 Het was super, thanks to Tacaro 🥰. Student Scuba Diver.
2022-08-27 Vond het fijn dat je gewoon rustig het water inging en eerst deed wennen met ademhaling op het plateau. Je had een instructeur in eigen taal waardoor je alles kunt begrijpen. Dutch Try Diver.
2022-07-25 It was a really nice day, diving instructions were good. Try Diver
2022-10-24 lots of fun, informative and helpful staff!
2022-07-09 Kind and nice service.
2022-08-31 Der er styr på det hele. Advanced Diver.
2022-10-21 Nice we could first do a dive, before deciding on doing the course All instructors were really friendly and knew what they were doing
2022-07-13 Good equipment, friendly staff, a lot of joy. Especially recommend Chris (German mate), fantastic instructor! :)

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