2023-10-16 Great explanation on how to scuba dive, staff were all lovely and friendly and willing to help . Highly recommend - Try Diver.
2023-10-16 Great experience. Went scuba dive and it was really great! Open Water Diver.
2023-10-05 Great dive - super instructors - Open Water Diver.
2023-10-09 Excellent instruction and support throughout - Open Water Diver.
2023-10-13 Paul deed heel goed zijn best en gaf mij vertrouwen. Dankje Paul - Open Water Diver.
2023-10-16 staff were super friendly and helpful had an amazing day! Try Diver.
2023-10-04 They are really helpfull, nice boat good instructors, we had an awesome day - Snorkeller.
2023-10-19 Vandvittigt dyk, igennem grotter og mange fisk. Meget flink instruktør Advanced open Water Diver.
2023-10-21 Very friendly people and nice atmosphere. We could answer and questions and felt save all the time with our guide! Thank you for this fantastic experience! Open Water Diver.
2023-10-09 Gut organisiert, cooles Team, toller Tauchspot. Es war ein toller Tag! 😊 Try diver AM, Open water diver PM.

Why PADI for your scuba diving education

1 Oct. 2023
Why PADI for your scuba diving education

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest scuba diving training organisation worldwide, and there are several reasons why it has gained such prominence and why you might consider getting certified with PADI and with the Waterhoppers (who are a PADI 5 Star IDC Centre):

  1. Global Recognition and Reputation: PADI is highly recognised and respected across the globe. Its certifications are widely accepted and trusted by dive centers, resorts, and dive professionals in various countries.This recognition ensures that you can dive with confidence and access diving opportunities worldwide.

  2. Quality Training Standards: PADI sets rigorous training standards and continually updates its curriculum to ensure high-quality instruction and a consistent learning experience. PADI courses are designed to be comprehensive, safe, and enjoyable, providing you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a competent and responsible diver.

  3. Flexibility and Accessibility: PADI offers a wide range of courses to accommodate various skill levels and interests. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver. When training / learning with the Wtaerhoppers, we can provide all PADI courses courses to suit your needs. Additionally, our PADI courses are available in numerous locations around Rhodes, making your training easily accessible both north and south of the island.

  4. Diver-Centric Approach: Like with PADI's teaching philosophy we too focus on the individuals needs and progress of each diver. OurPADI instructors strive to create a positive and supportive learning environment, ensuring that students feel comfortable, confident, and motivated throughout your training.

  5. E-Learning and Multimedia Materials: As with PADI we embraced technology to enhance the learning experience. Through PADI eLearning, you can complete the theory portion of the course online at your own pace before or during your time with us. This flexibility allows for more time in the water during your practical training.

    If you would like to know more about what is involed, why not have a chat with Marion on WhatsApp (English and German speaking) +30 694 309 5700

  6. Continuing Education Opportunities: As a PADI school we offer a wide range of specialty courses and advanced certifications to further develop your diving skills and knowledge. From underwater photography to deep diving or wreck diving, PADI provides pathways for you to explore specific areas of interest and expand you expertise.

  7. Environmental Stewardship: As Like PADI, we committed to marine conservation and promoting environmentally responsible diving practices. Through programs like Project AWARE, we encourages divers to actively participate in conservation efforts, raising awareness about marine ecosystems and their preservation.

  8. Community and Support: Becoming a certified PADI diver with the Waterhoppers means that you are joining a global community of divers. PADI also offers resources, forums, and networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and stay engaged in the diving community.

Ultimately, by choosing The Waterhoppers and PADI for your scuba diving certifications ensures you will receive high-quality training, global recognition, and ongoing support throughout your diving journey. It provides a solid foundation for safe and enjoyable diving experiences, whether you plan to explore the world's oceans or simply dive for recreation and adventure.

We would love to show you more and help you take your first breathes under water or to help you on your next adventure. Why not check out our courses here.

Also don't just take our word for it, check out what others have said about learning to dive with the Waterhoppers, here.

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