2024-06-19 Amazing staff, friendly, helpful, the dive was amazing and you are followed throughout. Totally safe.
2024-06-22 Family friendly. Superb instructors. Great sense of safety.
2024-06-22 Very nice!
2024-06-19 Amazing experience all staff were very kind , helpful and understanding
2024-06-18 Great experience with a fantastic instructor
2024-06-18 I love it!The best day! Thank you so much guys! 🤿❤️
2024-06-21 Relaxing experience 😍 Wonderfull water. I would have liked to have more underwater photos.
2024-06-17 Professional and so kind welcoming staff Everything went so good and We felt taking care of
2024-06-22 This is fun. Our first time to snorkling. Nice day, thank you!
2024-06-13 All of the staff were really helpfull and attentive plus a great ratio of staff to visitor.

Why PADI Courses are great Value

24 Sep. 2023
Why PADI Courses are great Value

Opting for the full PADI Open Water course instead of a Discover Scuba experience has several advantages. Here are some reasons why you might consider the full course:

  1. Comprehensive Training: The PADI Open Water course provides comprehensive training in scuba diving techniques, equipment, safety procedures, and dive planning. It covers essential knowledge and skills that will enable you to dive independently with a buddy, up to a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet).

  2. Certification: Completing the PADI Open Water course results in an internationally recognised certification. This certification allows you to dive at various locations worldwide and rent scuba equipment.

  3. Confidence and Competence: The Open Water course offers you more time to practice and develop your skills as a diver. With multiple pool or confined water sessions and several open water dives, you'll gain confidence and become more competent in handling different diving situations.

  4. Extended Dive Time: During the Open Water course, you'll learn how to plan and execute dives using dive tables or dive computers. This knowledge allows you to have longer dive times and better manage your air supply compared to a Discover Scuba experience, which typically involves a brief introductory dive.

  5. Theory and Knowledge Development: The Open Water course covers important theoretical concepts related to diving physics, physiology, and safety procedures. This knowledge helps you understand the principles behind diving and enhances your overall diving experience.

  6. Continuing Education Pathway: By completing the Open Water course, you lay the foundation for further diving education. PADI offers a range of specialty courses and advanced certifications that you can pursue to expand your diving skills and knowledge.

  7. Safety and Risk Management: The Open Water course emphasises safety practices, emergency procedures, and risk management, ensuring that you learn to dive in a responsible and safe manner. This comprehensive training significantly reduces the risks associated with scuba diving.

While a Discover Scuba experience provides a taste of diving, it is typically a one-time introductory dive without certification. If you are genuinely interested in becoming a certified diver and want to explore the underwater world more extensively, the full PADI Open Water course is the recommended choice. It equips you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and certification to dive independently and enjoy the full benefits of recreational scuba diving.

Our Try dive programme is great with many guests have moved from try diver to courses student and do this on a daily basis. But for great value in both in time and money, then our PADI Scuba course or PADI Open Water Diver course is for you. Get more information here.

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