2023-10-05 Great dive - super instructors - Open Water Diver.
2023-10-23 Nice team on The boat and nice instructors. Everyone was polite and you never had a boring time. Thanks for a great Day!! Try Diver.
2023-10-23 Was my first time, and it was awesome. Had a great experience, and the staff was amazing!! Try Diver.
2023-10-04 They are really helpfull, nice boat good instructors, we had an awesome day - Snorkeller.
2023-10-05 Fantastic instructor, good water. Open Water Diver.
2023-10-16 Profesional and friendly staff
2023-10-16 staff were super friendly and helpful had an amazing day! Try Diver.
2023-10-23 Good personal and a lovely day - Try Diver.
2023-10-04 Perfekt Day! Advanced Diver.
2023-10-20 Friendliness, Experienced and professional staff - rescue dive.

What makes The waterhoppers Diving School Rhodes, different from the other dive school on the island

27 Aug. 2023
What makes The waterhoppers Diving School Rhodes, different from the other dive school on the island

According to the views of scuba diver and previous guests online, there are several factors that make Waterhoppers Diving School in Rhodes, Greece, different from other dive schools on the island. Here's what they said online:

  1. Experienced and professional team: Participants consistently praise The Waterhoppers' team of experienced and highly qualified instructors and guides. They are known for being patient, supportive, and dedicated to providing safe and enjoyable diving experiences.

  2. Personalised attention: The Waterhoppers keeps its classes and dive groups small, which allows for personalised attention and a comfortable learning environment. Participants appreciate the individualised attention they receive, which can make a big difference in the quality of their diving / learning experience.

  3. Flexibility: The Waterhoppers offers a range of courses and dive packages to suit all levels of experience and interest, from beginner courses to professional-level training. Participants appreciate the flexibility and customisation options available to them, which allows them to tailor their diving experience to their specific needs, preferences and locations on the Island with their three bases Kalithea, Kolymbia and Pefkos.

  4. Sustainability: The Waterhoppers is committed to sustainable, eco-friendly diving practices, and works to minimise its environmental impact through responsible diving practices and community outreach. Participants appreciate the focus on sustainability and value the opportunity to dive with a responsible and environmentally-conscious dive center.

  5. Beautiful dive locations: Rhodes is known for its stunning underwater landscapes and abundant marine life, and The Waterhoppers offers a wide range of dive sites to explore. Participants appreciate the variety of dive locations available, from shallow reefs to deep wrecks, and the opportunity to see a variety of marine life up close.

Overall, participants consistently praise The Waterhoppers Diving School in Rhodes, Greece, for its experienced team, personalised attention, flexibility, commitment to sustainability, and beautiful dive locations. These factors make The Waterhoppers stand out from other dive schools on the island and provide participants with a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable diving experience.

forr more info why not check out www.waterhoppers.com, or check out our guest comment here, along with our 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor here:

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