2023-10-04 All was perfect !! Snorkeller.
2023-10-25 Everything is good and lovely staff - Open Water Diver.
2023-10-19 Vandvittigt dyk, igennem grotter og mange fisk. Meget flink instruktør Advanced open Water Diver.
2023-10-21 Very friendly people and nice atmosphere. We could answer and questions and felt save all the time with our guide! Thank you for this fantastic experience! Open Water Diver.
2023-10-16 Friendly staff, felt safe and happy - Try Diver.
2023-10-21 Very nice people, calm and relaxed. Good equipment. Open Water Diver.
2023-10-04 I had an amazing experience and found a new favorite sport/hobby - freediving! Snorkeller.
2023-10-19 Heel vriendelijk, briefing is top gegeven, relax en een top gids. Jr Scuba Diver.
2023-10-27 It was really nice
2023-10-16 It was er very Nice experience, The “guides” was so sweet and help full, good Music and a very good Vibe on the boat! Snorkeller.

Things to Consider When Choosing your (IDC) Diving Instructor Course! Next IDC 4th to 11th April 2023

18 Jan. 2023
Things to Consider When Choosing your (IDC) Diving Instructor Course! Next IDC 4th to 11th April 2023

So you love to scuba dive and now you want to becoming a PADI Instructor, why not! Being a PADI Instructor can be an incredibly rewarding not only for your new students, but also for you. You would be amazed how the skills you develop as an instructor into you everyday life.

PADI’s IDC (Instructor Development Course) is the most recognised scuba diving instructor course in the world. During the IDC you will develop and refine all the the skills, confidence, and knowledge you will need to start teaching scuba from the get go.

Cost, location and time are just a few important factors to consider when choosing the best PADI IDC for you. No matter where you choose to complete your IDC and IE (instructor Examination), your training will follow a tried and tested PADI program alongside your PADI Course Director.

Below you will find questions, consideration and additional information to help you make an informed decision about you PADI Instructor training.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Scuba Diving Instructor Course

#1 – How much does the IDC cost with everything included?

The cost to become a scuba instructor varies depending on the location and what’s included. You may find PADI IDC with a low initial price compared to others at first glance, but do check if the “low price” include the course materials, processing fees , transfers, and even accommodation. The lowest price might not be the best value, so be sure to ask.

As mentioned above if you are traveling to different country to complete you IDC and potential work, don’t forget to add in the cost of accommodations, food, and travel to/in the location. Ideally you want to find a dive school, that runs an IDC just before their season goes into high season.

Also, look at the location regarding flights, can you use a budget carrier like Easy Jet for example?

With The Waterhoppers IDC in April we try to cover all the points mentioned above. We have several IDC options, including the Inclusive Deluxe, this option is what it sounds like. You get pre-IDC training, before your IDC so you know your are 100% ready, transfer, accommodation, PADI material and your EFR, O2 and MSDT so there are no surprises. You just need your flight and food money there after

So, If your plan to stay abroad and look for work, find out:

  • What job opportunities are available for scuba instructors in the area, or with the school you are training with? With The Waterhoppers there are options for you here, at both of our bases.
  • Does the IDC centre offer job placement assistance? Yes, The Waterhoppers do, we also have connections via our Course Director throughout Greece
  • Do you need a work permit? Can you get one easily? How often does the permit need to be renewed? At The Waterhoppers, it all depends, if you are from a European country. If you have any questions about this, just drop an email to Jill at info@waterhoppers.com

#2 – The IDC Location

You can find PADI IDC Centers throughout the world and becoming a PADI Instructor is a great way to support your travel habit. That said, where you want to teach may be a deciding factor in choosing where you do your instructor training.

As a PADI Divemaster, ideally you have had experience assisting classes in a working environment. Being with an experienced team of seasoned Instructors is great for seeing real life situations and teaching styles. So location is not so important than, experience you can gain.

Completing you IDC on a desert Island sound fantastic, but where are the guests that you want to teach? You may find it better to work with Dive School that teach various programs daily, from DSD all the way to DM. By doing so when you move on to other locations in the world, you have the experience.

At The Waterhoppers we find that most of our instructors new and old get the Elite rating within one season or less, teaching small groups and many different course.

#3 – How long will the IDC take?

If you meet all prerequisites, you can become a PADI Instructor in as little as 10-14 consecutive days. This timeline requires long days, so if you’re planning to do your IDC somewhere exotic, consider scheduling extra time before or after your program to ensure you have time to explore. Not every IDC Center offers a consecutive day program, so be sure to inquire.

Some instructor candidates complete their training ‘part-time’ over several weekends. Depending on your learning style and work schedule, a slower pace may be beneficial.

Whether you choose the part-time or full-time option, make sure you have time to complete your IDC prep. Many IDC Centers require students to complete their IDC knowledge development online prior to the first day of class. Also, if your skill demos are rusty, you may want time to brush up on your in-water skills.

For detailed information about PADI’s IDC prerequisites, why not send Jill an email to info@waterhoppers.com see loves to chat about diving!!

#4 – The Course Director and Teaching Staff

Over the years, you’ve probably had teachers you liked and teachers you didn’t connect with. When choosing a Course Director, think about the personality characteristics of your favourite teachers.

All PADI Course directors follow PADI’s IDC training standards but every Course Director has their own teaching style and unique experiences to draw from. Some may have a military background, extensive wreck diving experience, or a passion for marine life identification. Some even fancy themselves amateur comedians.

If you’re not sure what type of instructor you might like, look for an IDC taught by multiple Course Directors or a program where IDC Staff (experienced instructors who assist the Course Director) are involved. Also, consider whether you’re looking for a long-term mentor or someone to show you how to teach people to scuba dive and leave it at that.

There are different ratings for Course Directors (platinum, gold and silver). These are designations based on the number of professional-level certifications the Course Director issued in the past year.

The best thing you can do is have a chat, ask the Dive Center or the course director running IDC for a whatsapp chat.

Here are a few more useful questions to ask:

  • On average, how many candidates are in an IDC?
  • What is the approximate start and finish time each day?
  • What’s the staff-to-student ratio?
  • How far away is the pool?
  • Where is the open water training site located?
  • What’s the travel time to the nearest hyperbaric chamber?
  • Is there a medical facility nearby?
  • Does the classroom have air conditioning?
  • Are there staff members who speak [your language]?
  • How frequently are PADI Instructor Examinations (IE’s) scheduled?
  • Do you help with job placement?
  • Can you assist me with my CV/resume writing?
  • Which specialty instructor ratings can I earn?
  • Can I gain experience in freediver, tec diving, or mermaiding to help me broaden my awareness of niche markets?

Also, take note of how quickly the dive center or Course Director replies to your messages.

MSDT Prep and Job Placement

After successfully completing your PADI IDC and passing the instructor examination, you’ll be a PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor). With this credential, you can teach core PADI courses and a few specialties. Some instructors make their scuba CV more attractive by:

  • Learning how to fill tanks
  • Gaining retail experience
  • Crewing on a boat
  • Earning additional specialty instructor certifications (MSDT prep)

What is MSDT Prep?

MSDT stands for Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and it means you can teach at least five specialty courses. MSDT prep involves earning specialty instructor certifications from your Course Director. You can choose the specialties, but most new scuba instructors pick at least a few of the most in-demand PADI specialty courses (Enriched Air Diver, Deep Diver, Dry Suit Diver and Wreck Diver).

We do hope this helps. At The Waterhoppers our next Instructor Development Course (IDC) will be held from . The Instructor Examination (IE) will be on 12th and 13th April 2023.

If you would like to know more about the IDC, working with The Waterhoppers or anything from above, don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@waterhoppers.com .

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