2022-09-02 Great team with a great atmosphere. Felt very comfortable the whole way. British Snorkeler.
2022-10-03 Super 👍
2022-06-16 Been here before, always good equipment, services, and dives, as well as a friendly crew to help you along and help you make the most out of your time on and in the water.
2022-08-29 Extremely friendly and good vibes felt very safe for the first time to dive. Deutschland/Germany Try Diver.
2022-08-13 Very good day…. Il was the first time for my son. The team is amazing and very sympathetic. Very good job. Try Diver from France.
2022-08-24 Great approach to customers. Nice divers and instructors. Great diving. Czech Advanced Diver.
2022-09-15 Good. Norway Passenger.
2022-09-27 Fantastic experience, friendly staff, showed us the ropes in a reassuringly safe manner :)
2022-09-23 Attentive, informative and a good experience
2022-08-05 Une équipe vraiment adorable ! Try Diver

It’s Wonderful Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor - Join Our Next IDC is from 4th to 11th of April 2023

23 Jan. 2023
It’s Wonderful Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor - Join Our Next IDC is from 4th to 11th of April 2023

Being a PADI Diving Instructor is an exciting profession, but also that requires you to have mastered various skill (above and below the water), it also requires some patience. But don’t worry these are skills, knowledge and patience you should be aware already, if you have reached the training level of a PADI Divemaster?

If you are not yet a DM, why not have a chat with Jill via the email info@waterhoppers.com to see which of our Go-Pro options would be best for you?

As a PADI Diving Instructor you will see from day one, that most people who are interested in diving will enrol on either the PADI scuba diver or PADI Open water diver course to become a certified diver. It your role as a PADI Instructor teach your students how to dive and make the learning experience and your job fun.

As PADI Diving Instructor, you will take people on a journey that involves underwater exploration and activity practice, making this adventure not just safe, but rewarding for all involved.

Becoming a PADI Instructor is a fantastic way to make a living, while visiting some of the most amazing places around the world. Many PADI Instructors work in exotic locations such as the Red Sea, the Caribbean, or the Great Barrier Reef. These areas have lots of natural wonders that make for great diving classes. This ensures all students who enrol in the class get an experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

As a PADI Instructor you will learn and teach all the elements required to have fun and safe dives, as well as the use Scuba equipment such as masks, tanks, BCD and regulators. These skills you will initially learn during your PADI Divemaster, then learn to teach these skills during your IDC, following the PADI System. In this way you can safely teach your students how to dive, teaching them diver safety they can easily apply to all future dives.

But remember, it's important to keep training sessions fun! By doing so the lessons stick with students, giving them the knowledge to practice. Ensuring that all trainees fully understand how to dive and dive safely.

To sum up what it’s like to be a PADI Diving instructors, you will spend most of your time outdoors teaching, you must be ready to interact with new people from all walks of life, making them feel comfortable in new situations and have excellent time management skills.

If sound like you and you want a dream job, that others only dream about, sign up today!

Our Next IDC is from 4th to 11th of April 2023. With the Instructor Examination taking place on the 12th and 13th April 2023.

And you too can have a Wonderful Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor. For more information contact Jill via email using info@waterhoppers.com

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