2022-07-28 Its a Nice long trip with lost of fun things to do. Try Diver.
2022-08-31 Duidelijke uitleg, vriendelijk personeel. En voor alles word de tijd genomen. Dutch Try Diver.
2022-09-14 So much fun. UK Snorkeler.
2022-09-26 During the course the instructor explained everything clearly
2022-08-27 Try diver, Goede uitleg en super vriendelijk personeel
2022-07-23 All went well, 2 nice dives.
2022-08-05 L équipe est très accueillante et professionnelle,souriante et à l écoute pour les nageurs débutants comme experts, un grand merci à vous. Try Diver.
2022-07-11 Pleasant instructor.
2022-09-23 Alles was duidelijk,vriendelijke instructeurs,goede uitleg en de omgeving zowel onder als boven water was erg mooi
2022-08-04 We had a great time and diving was really fun experience! Try Diver.

5 Reasons to Dive with Your Significant Other

15 Feb. 2023
5 Reasons to Dive with Your Significant Other

5 Reasons to Dive with Your Significant Other

One of the best parts of diving is sharing the experience with others. While most of us make friends through scuba diving, some of us are lucky enough to find a partner who also loves scuba diving. For those of you who think your partner looks best in a wetsuit, here are five reasons why diving with your partner is so great.

You invest in your security

We all know how important it is to have a good dive buddy. When you dive with your loved ones, you know they have your best interests at heart and care about your safety. You're also more likely to become familiar with each other's capabilities, comfort levels and needs, which goes a long way towards a successful and enjoyable dive. The trust and intimacy between couples can make them the perfect companion both above and below the waves.

Diving strengthens team work

Being a diving buddy means working together, from planning the dive to post-dive debriefing. Many couples even train together. As a team, you'll choose your next dive site, research new gear, help each other get ready and more. Whether you're planning a week-long dive vacation or a local morning dive, the two of you can share the excitement, preparation and lifestyle.

It inspires your inner travel freak

When you dive together, you are driven to go out on an adventure together. Diving together can be the motivation for many couples to experience the vacation they've been talking about for years. When you share an activity, you can choose destinations based on their dives without missing out on your buddies.

they understand each other

As a couple, you can develop your speaking style beyond just basic signalling to each other. Many couples can tell exactly what their partner is thinking and responding to through their body language, facial expressions, and excited, imaginary gestures. You also start to create your own logo for things and create your own diving language. After years of diving together, you will become experts at understanding each other.

You can share your passion

Seeing the look of wonder on a loved one's face can be as amazing as experiencing that wonder yourself. Plus, when you share your passion for diving, you have someone to talk about every important detail of your dive. There is something special about being able to remember years of underwater experience. Every time you see something amazing while scuba diving, you know you can share that memory with your favourite person for years to come.

Do you dive with your significant other? Let us know what you like best about it!

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