2023-09-19 Very nice staff and very professional - Advanced Diver.
2023-09-08 Vert good for a first diving experience Try Diver.
2023-09-07 Super dag gehad goede begeleiding Snorkeller.
2023-09-07 Super exscursie heel erg de moeite waard Fijne begleiding - Snorkeller
2023-09-07 Amazing time, great instructors - Try Diver.
2023-09-15 Good and efficient teaching, newbie friendly approach, felt safe even i was bit nervous at the start. Student Open Water Course.
2023-09-11 Great day for snorkeling around the bay of Kalithea. - Passenger.
2023-09-21 Very good organisation. Very good preparation. Very friendly staff . Open Water Diver
2023-09-07 Very fun, a bit much waiting but was a very good overall experience. Try Diver.
2023-09-20 Thank you! Great day, made new friends and had a great wonderful day! Advanced Diver.

3 ways PADI eLearning can help you improve as a diver

28 May. 2023
3 ways PADI eLearning can help you improve as a diver

Do you remember your first breath underwater? Most divers do this. Jacques Costeau famously said, “the sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” But sometimes circumstances prevent us from doing as much or as much as we want to. Diving regularly - including lack of time and inexperience. Obtaining diving opportunities is the most common challenge. Let's see how divers (and future divers) can use PADI eLearning to overcome these challenges.

When you are pressed for time

To live your best life, you must balance your work, social life, and self-care needs—so time is precious! If you prefer the flexibility to set your own timetable and learn at your own pace, independent online learning with PADI eLearning is the right choice. Whether you're working up a sweat at home, warming up or cooling down while working out at the gym, or reading before bed, you can expand your dive knowledge in just 30 minutes a day!

eLearning for new divers

Always wanted to learn to dive? Online learning is designed to save you time while maximising flexibility. Like your favourite streaming service, you can access course content online or download Knowledge Development to study offline (even without internet access). Online learning is available via the web on the desktop or mobile access via apps.

Now you can book the beach vacation of your dreams, perfect your skills instantly, and become a PADI Open Water Diver in no time!

eLearning for Non-Active Divers

Life can get in the way of certified divers. But with world Travel resuming, there's never been a better time to put your fins back on and regain your confidence in the water.

The PADI ReActivate® program will help you brush up on important underwater knowledge (and brush up on any dive theory you may have missed) before your trip, prepare for your next course, and even earn a renewed certification card. You can book your PADI ReActivate® here.

When Distance or Weather is an Issue

For divers who do not have easy access to dive sites, it often helps us to plan our next dive trip in advance, you can check out your next course or even your first course here. But even if you don't live near destination, or if you miss dives due to bad weather, you can dive on your next Rhodes Island vacation - where the water is clear 20 meter vis, warm and sunny.

eLearning for Diving Enthusiasts

Are you fascinated by diving theory? Do your friends know that you are a walking underwater wiki?

Divers looking to develop their skills have several options. Whether you decide to become a PADI Rescue Diver certification, explore technical diving, or become a diving professional, eLearning will help you build a solid foundation of diving knowledge, including diving physics and physiology.

What Happens After Completing eLearning?

You can schedule underwater training at any time after completing the relevant knowledge reviews. You can choose to take scuba training on any day and you've done all the hard work ahead of time, now it's time to pop some bubbles!

For more information about becoming a PADI Diver or continuing you diver education, check out www.waterhoppers.com for your next adventure.

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